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The Nightmare Of Trump In A Country of Immigrants

In 2012, former President Barack Obama granted young, undocumented immigrants relief from deportation. However, as of November 9th, 2016, the circumstances have drastically changed for this population. President Trump, in numerous speeches made during his campaign, threatened to do away with Obama’s executive order as well as DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.) According to Trump, by next year, undocumented immigrants could seriously face deportation and for most, this means returning to a country they barely know, abandoning the life they built here in America.

For some undocumented immigrants, the biggest fear in all of this immigration turmoil, is the sense of uncertainty surrounding the time that will follow Trump’s inauguration. Many don’t believe that he will follow through on his claims, however, there are many who do believe it, and there is general sense of anxiety in the air. For others, it’s the thought of giving up on educational and career dreams, or leaving family members behind. Most immigrants were safe with DACA, with studies showing that after the programs came into effect, 90% of immigrants were able to get a state-issued ID, and another 90% were afforded more educational opportunities.

The Texas Organization Project (TOP) is a group of community organizers and is composed of dozens of immigrants who fight for immigrants and low-income minorities. During this time, while they continue to work even more diligently, the conversation is often likened to patient waiting. Their arguments and claims are true: it would be difficult to remove such a large population of people from the underground economy, people who do essential jobs like providing healthcare and education. This massive overhaul will especially have an impact on the state of Texas and the national economy, but recipients and friends of the DACA program are committed to fighting for its survival through protests, appeal to the president and community organizing.

This is an uncertain and restless period in American history, however, there is hope through the same zeal and bravery in the hearts of immigrants that brought them to this country. if we stand with our foreign-born brothers and sisters during this time, and continue to work through the legal system for justice, we at Tellez are confident that this will die down and DACA and other protective measures will remain. We’ll  continue to report on this as the weeks and months progress.