Non-immigrant Visas

  • B-1- Business Visitor
  • B-2-Visitor
  • E Visa-Treaty Trader & Investor Visas for citizens of countries with which the United States maintains treaties of commerce and navigation

  • E-1-Treaty Traders
  • E-2-Treaty Investors
  • H1-B Specialty Occupations
  • H-2A Temporary Agricultural Workers
  • H-2B Other Temporary Workers
  • L Visa-Intracompany Transferees
  • L1-A-Executives and  Managers
  • L1-B Workers with Specialized Knowledge
  • O Visa-Extraordinary Ability
  • P Visa-Athletes and Entertainers
  • Q Visa-Cultural Exchange
  • Q-1-Foriegn National Seeking to Participate in an International Cultural Exchange Program on a Temporary Basis
  • R Visa-Religious Workers

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